what to wear for beach volleyball

Essential Guide: What to Wear for Beach Volleyball Matches


Figuring out what to wear for beach volleyball can be perplexing, particularly if you’re striving for comfort and peak performance. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the details of selecting appropriate attire for male and female beach volleyball players, from the importance of quality materials to top brands providing specialized clothing.

We’ll discuss why choosing high-quality materials is crucial in sand volleyball games and highlight some top brands offering specialized beach volley clothing. 

For female athletes, we will explore the benefits of wearing bikinis or opting for more traditional volleyball shorts.

Weather changes can significantly impact your playing experience. 

Therefore, understanding how to layer clothes according to fluctuating temperatures or what outfits are recommended during windy or rainy days is essential when playing beach volleyball.

Sun protection gear and hydration tips will also be covered to ensure safety under intense summer heat. Moreover, we’ll explain why every player should have sand socks in their kit – a must-have item often overlooked by beginners.

Last but not least, we’ll take you through an interesting journey exploring dress code evolution among professional players since the Olympic Games’ inception. Stay tuned!

Essential Attire for Men in Beach Volleyball

The right attire can make a significant difference in your performance and comfort during a beach volleyball game. For men, this means high-quality shorts and jerseys designed specifically for the sport.

Importance of Choosing High-Quality Materials

When selecting your beach volleyball gear, quality should be a top priority. Good materials last longer and provide better breathability and flexibility during play. This is crucial as you’ll need to move freely without feeling restricted or uncomfortable.

Top Brands Offering Beach Volleyball Attire

  • Quiksilver: Known for their surf-inspired designs, Quiksilver offers stylish yet functional options perfect for beach volleyball.
  • Hurley: Hurley’s range includes lightweight shorts that are comfortable even on hot days on the sand court.
  • Kamena Outdoor: If you’re looking for something more specialized, Kamena Outdoor has an impressive selection of gear made specifically for beach volleyball players.

Remember that preparation is vital when playing any sport. 

Warm up properly before each game and cool down afterwards to prevent injuries. 

And don’t forget about hydration – always have water nearby.

Women’s Clothing Options for Beach Volleyball

For beach volleyball, female players can choose from various clothing options to ensure maximum comfort and mobility during play. 

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For beach volleyball, selecting an outfit that provides ease of movement and comfort is essential.

Benefits of Wearing a Bikini During Play

A popular choice among many female players is the bikini. These are designed with materials that resist sand and water, making them ideal for beach sports. 

A well-fitted bikini can offer unrestricted movement without any worry about slippage or loose ends disrupting your play. 

Brands like Roxy, Billabong, and Patagonia are known for their high-quality bikinis suitable for beach volleyball.

Comfortability with “Normal” Women’s Volleyball Shorts

If you’re not comfortable in a bikini, don’t fret. Traditional women’s volleyball shorts are also an excellent option. 

They provide coverage while still allowing flexibility during intense matches. You can pair these shorts with either a tank top or a t-shirt, depending on what feels most comfortable to you.

The material should be lightweight yet durable enough to withstand dives into the sand without tearing easily. 

Some recommended brands include ASICS, Nike, and Under Armour.

Preparing for Weather Changes During Sand Volleyball Games

Playing beach volleyball means you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. Be ready for any sudden alterations in the climate, it’s important to be equipped.

Layering Clothes According to Fluctuating Temperature

The key is layering. Start with a lightweight, moisture-wicking base layer like Nike Dri-FIT offers. 

This will keep you dry and comfortable during intense games under the sun. 

As temperatures drop or if wind picks up, add an insulating mid-layer such as a long-sleeve jersey or light jacket. Don’t forget about your lower body – opt for longer shorts or leggings when needed.

Recommended Outfits for Windy or Rainy Days

If there’s rain in the forecast, consider wearing water-resistant clothing items such as jackets from brands like Patagonia

They are designed to protect against wet conditions while still allowing full range of motion, which is vital in this sport. For windy days, a windbreaker can help shield you from chilly gusts without hindering movement.

Don’t forget to adjust your gameplay strategy according to weather changes too. 

Wind direction can significantly affect ball trajectory, whereas damp sand alters how players move on the court. 

Staying adaptable is equally important as mastering basic skills and techniques involved in the game itself. Understanding the importance of choosing the right attire before hitting the courts is crucial.

Last but not least, always check local forecasts before heading out to ensure safety above all else. No matter how much we relish beach volleyball, our wellbeing should never be put in danger for the sake of playing.

Sun Protection Gear & Hydration Tips When Playing Under Summer Heat

Playing beach volleyball under the summer sun is thrilling, but it poses challenges. 

Overexposure to damaging UV radiation is a potential hazard of engaging in beach volleyball activities during the summer months. 

Therefore, incorporating sun protection gear into your attire is a must.

Choosing Appropriate Sun Protection Gear

The glare from the sun and sand can be intense during beach volleyball games. 

To protect your eyes, invest in high-quality sunglasses that offer full UV protection. Brands like Oakley or Maui Jim are known for their sports-specific eyewear options.

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Wearing a hat or cap can provide additional shade for your face and neck area. Opt for those with wide brims made from breathable materials to ensure comfort throughout the game.

For optimal sun protection, be sure to slather on a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 before playing and reapply as needed. 

Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 on all exposed skin areas before you start playing and reapply every two hours or immediately after sweating excessively.

Staying Hydrated During Intense Summer Matches

Hydration is crucial in maintaining optimal performance levels during matches played under scorching heat conditions. 

Always keep cold water at hand and drink regularly even if you don’t feel thirsty yet.

  • Avoid drinks with high sugar content as they might lead to dehydration faster than plain water does.
  • If you’re participating in prolonged physical activity (more than one hour), consider drinking sports beverages containing electrolytes.
  • Eat fruits rich in water content such as melons or oranges during breaks.

Why You Need Sand Socks In Your Kit?

Beach volleyball is a thrilling sport that requires not only skill and agility but also the right gear. 

One such essential piece of equipment you should consider adding to your kit are sand socks. 

These specially designed footgear offer protection against blisters, abrasions, and sunburn – common issues faced by players who spend long hours running on hot sandy surfaces.

Understanding the Benefits of Using Sand Socks

  • Blisters & Abrasions: The constant friction between your feet and sand can lead to painful blisters or even skin abrasions. Sand socks provide a protective barrier, reducing this risk significantly.
  • Sun Protection: Just like any other part of your body exposed to sunlight for extended periods, your feet too are susceptible to sunburn. Wearing sand socks offers an added layer of UV protection.
  • Traction & Stability: Apart from offering protection, these special footwear also enhance traction on sandy surfaces, providing better stability during play.

If you enjoy the barefoot feel while playing beach volleyball but still want some level of protective barrier between your skin and scorching sands, sand socks would be an ideal addition to your kit. 

Brands like Vincere Sports, known for their high-quality sports gear specifically tailored for beach sports, including volleyball, offer excellent options in design, comfort, and durability, ensuring optimal performance without compromising safety.

Incorporating sand socks into your regular game routine could help prevent unnecessary injuries, allowing you to focus more on improving skills and techniques and enhancing your overall gaming experience. 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, newcomer, aspiring enthusiast, or simply enjoying the sport on a leisurely basis, remember that investing in the right gear is equally important as mastering the basic skills involved in the game itself. 

Hence, paying attention to what you wear before hitting the courts becomes a pivotal aspect of the preparation process.

Dress Code Evolution in Professional Beach Volleyball Matches

Beach volleyball has come a long way in terms of player attire. Knowing the history of these changes can help us appreciate how dressing correctly plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Exploring Dress Code Evolution Among Professional Players

Back in the day, there were no specific rules for what athletes should wear while playing beach volleyball. 

As the sport gained traction, its players began to adhere to a set of specific dress code standards. 

For male athletes, tank tops and shorts became the norm. Brands like Quiksilver, Hurley, or Kamena Outdoor offer distinctive uniforms designed specifically for this sport.

The dress code for female players allowed more flexibility – they could choose between bikinis or one-piece swimsuits paired with either swim trunks or athletic shorts complemented by t-shirts or tank tops, depending on their comfort levels.

This evolution of dress codes is about aesthetics, performance enhancement, and safety considerations. 

Wearing appropriate clothing allows players to move freely without any restrictions while protecting them from potential injuries caused by rough sand surfaces.

Paying attention to what you wear before hitting the courts becomes equally crucial as mastering basic skills and techniques involved in the game itself. 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, a newcomer, or an aspiring enthusiast simply enjoying the sport on a leisurely basis, paying attention to what you wear before hitting the courts becomes equally important as mastering basic skills and techniques involved in the game itself.

FAQs in Relation to What to Wear for Beach Volleyball

What to Wear for Beach Volleyball?

For men, tank tops and shorts are the way to go, while women can choose between bikinis or one-piece swimsuits – just make sure you’re comfortable and can move freely. Don’t forget to pack sand socks to protect your feet from the hot sand.

What Shoes to Wear for Beach Volleyball?

Most players prefer to go barefoot, but if you want extra protection, sand socks are a great option.

Can You Wear a Shirt in Beach Volleyball?

Yes, both men and women can wear t-shirts or tank tops, paired with swim trunks or athletic shorts.

What Not to Wear in Beach Volleyball?

Avoid inappropriate clothing like jeans, dress shirts, and jewelry, and don’t wear hard-soled shoes that could damage the court surface.

Remember to always dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather conditions.


So, there you have it! Everything you need to know about what to wear for beach volleyball. 

Remember, a legit beach volleyball outfit makes all the difference in your performance and comfort while playing sand volleyball. 

From good-looking beach volleyball tank tops for both men and women players, moisture-wicking athletic pants or breathable shorts to long-sleeve dry-fit shirts that offer protection from the sun’s harmful rays – every piece of clothing matters.

If you’re a male player looking for an ideal men’s beach volleyball jersey or just someone who enjoys watching Olympic games and wants to dress like their favorite professional player, our website covers you!

We also recommend wearing sand socks when playing on hot sand, as they provide additional protection against heat and injuries.

And don’t forget wind-protective clothing if you’ll be playing during cooler or windy months.

Your choice of attire should not only make you feel comfortable but boost your confidence while playing this exhilarating sport. 

Whether it’s lightweight sweatpants for those chilly morning matches or a trendy tank top that helps keep cool under intense summer heat – we’ve discussed everything in detail here at Volleyball Vantage.

But remember – being well-dressed is only half the battle won; practicing regularly will help enhance your skills further! So grab your gear now and get ready to dive into the exciting world of beach volleyball.

To all the beach volleyball players out there, keep playing and improving! And to those who are just starting their journey in this sport or have a passion for it – we invite you to continue exploring Volleyball Vantage. Let’s make every game count!