how to clean a volleyball

Ultimate Guide: How to Clean a Volleyball and Gear


Knowing how to clean a volleyball is an essential skill for any player.

Why, you ask?

Because the cleanliness of your ball can directly impact its performance and lifespan.

Understanding how to clean a volleyball, whether for indoor or beach play, isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s about maintaining the integrity of your game.

The Perfect Ball For Every Volleyball Environment

Let’s dive into the world of volleyball.

Not all volleyballs are identical; beach and indoor varieties have distinct features.

Beach volleyballs, for instance, differ significantly from their indoor counterparts in terms of construction and material used.

Can Indoor Volleyballs Go In Water?

Nope, they can’t.

Indoor volleyball is designed specifically for a controlled environment where water exposure isn’t an issue.

Maintaining Your Volleyball Shoes

When it comes to playing volleyball, your shoes play a pivotal role.

Their cleanliness can impact performance and longevity in the game.

Cleaning volleyball shoes, however, is not as simple as throwing them into the washing machine with other laundry items. They require special care for optimal maintenance.

Can I Wash My Volleyball Shoes In The Washing Machine?


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This method may seem convenient but it’s best avoided due to potential damage that could occur during the process.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Cleaning Your Volleyballs Shoes:

  1. Dust Off:

Start by dusting off any loose dirt or sand particles from your shoe exterior.

  1. Gentle Hand Washing:

Pour some clean water into a basin along with mild detergent. Use this mixture to gently scrub your footwear using a soft cloth.

  1. Rinse & Dry:

Rinse thoroughly under running tap water then air dry away from direct sunlight until completely dry.

Applying stain-repellent spray post-cleaning can be an additional step towards maintaining the pristine condition of these athletic gears.

As we dive deeper into our discussion on cleaning techniques and tips, let’s now shift focus onto beach volleyballs which demand extra attention compared to their indoor counterparts.

Taking Care Of Beach Volleyballs

Beach volleyballs require extra attention compared to their indoor counterparts.

The exposure to sand particles and the elements calls for diligent care and constant ventilation.

Removing Sand Particles: The First Step

To keep your beach volleyball in top shape, start by removing any visible sand particles after each use. It is recommended using a soft cloth or brush.

Cleaning With Water And Mild Detergent:

If necessary, gently scrub with clean water mixed with mild detergent. This will help remove stubborn dirt without damaging the ball’s surface.

Rinsing And Air-Drying Your Ball:

After rinsing, allow the ball to air-dry in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight until it is completely dry; storing damp balls can cause mold growth. Avoid storing damp balls as this can lead to mold growth over time.

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Maintaining Proper Storage Conditions:

It is suggested keeping them at room temperature when not in use.

Avoid Prolonged Exposure To Sunlight:

Prolonged exposure could damage its material making it less durable during those intense college volleyball games typically played under hot sun.

FAQs in Relation to How to Clean a Volleyball

How do you clean a volleyball?

To clean a volleyball, wipe it down with a dry or slightly damp cloth. If necessary, use mild detergent to remove stubborn dirt. Always let the ball air dry completely before using.

How do you clean molten volleyball?

Clean Molten volleyballs by wiping off any dirt first. Then apply mild detergent with a soft-bristled brush for deep cleaning and allow it to air dry thoroughly before use.

Can indoor volleyballs get wet?

Indoor volleyballs should not be submerged in water as their specific design is not suited for this type of exposure. Instead, they should be cleaned gently with a moistened cloth.

Why is air coming out of my volleyball?

Air may escape from your volleyball due to an issue with the valve or if there’s damage on the surface of the ball that needs repair.


From understanding the types of volleyballs and their care to extending their lifespan, you’ve journeyed through a comprehensive guide on volleyball maintenance.

You now know how to clean a volleyball effectively, whether it’s for indoor or beach play.

The art of deodorizing your gear and keeping those shoes in tip-top shape is no longer a mystery.

Your storage game has leveled up too, ensuring longevity for all your equipment.

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